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Girls Gymnastics Programs for ages 5 1/2-12 years old

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Shooting Starz

5 years 5 months-6 years 11 months

Our girls Shooting Starz class is for the beginner/intermediate gymnast.  These classes are 1 hour in length and cover gymnastics skills on all apparatus.  In this class, our Shooting Starz will be working on learning body control, inverted awareness and all the beginning fundamentals of gymnastics to strengthen their basic skills like handstands & cartwheels.  This is an age based beginner/intermediate level.  When a gymnast turns 7 years old they will advance to the Girls Rec 1/2 program.  If the student has advanced their skills past the Girls 1/2 level, they may be recommended for a Girls Rec 2 class based on their current skill set.  A teacher will always notify a parent when a child is ready to move to the next class.

7-14 YEARS
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