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Mission and Story

Our Mission is: 



Our Story began in the summer of 2008 when we purchased a minivan and some gymnastics equipment and started Rising Starz Fitness, Inc.

I began my coaching career in 1999 during my freshman year at Aquinas College.  I loved kids; it was a perfect fit!  I fell in love with the sport, and soon began to dream of one day starting my own gymnastics program.  During my years working in different programs, I was able to train with many great coaches, travel and had the amazing privilege of working with many great kids!

The original plan was never a van and a few mats, it was a 20,000 square foot multi-sports plex that offered many different sports for kids and families.  (I like to dream BIG!)  But, life happened differently than my dreams, and we started out small. Two great friends, became my first 2 employees and we launched a mobile preschool program where we brought gymnastics and fitness classes to two different Appletree Learning Centers and Cottonwood Christian Learning Center.  


In 2010, we expanded our mobile business by adding a second van and partnering further with Appletree Learning Centers, now providing gymnastics and fitness for about 400 preschoolers each week!


In 2011, we began partnering with community programs to offer gymnastics in the evenings.  We partnered with Legacy Christian School and Rockford Community Services offering a handful of recreational and preschool classes to youth in the Kentwood and Rockford Communities.


In 2012,  our community programs continued to grow!  Our Rockford Program doubled and we started our first team program.  We were blessed to be able to run our program out of Rockford High School, where they had a full gymnastics training facility.  It was another great year for Rising Starz!


In 2013, our program was at capacity through Rockford Community Services and our team program went from 15 to 45! We needed to find more space.  In October 2013, we opened our first location inside of Power Baseball in Rockford, where we rented a 4,500 square foot space and continued to grow Rising Starz!  During this year, we also continued with Rockford Community Services to offer classes to the community.


In 2014, it was time to grow again and hopefully find a more permanent home. After months of searching, we found our new home in Comstock Park at 943 West River Center Drive.  In August 2014, we opened Rising Starz Gymnastics and Fitness.

It feels good to feel grounded and home.  Rising Starz has always been more than a business to me, it's my FAMILY! My husband, Derik and I started Rising Starz the year we had our first daughter and as the business grew, so did our family.  We are now a family of 6.

I am so blessed to have so many people believe in my dream and want to be apart of it.  Each and every family that is apart of Rising Starz is so important to us and we are so grateful and privileged to know each of you.  I love watching what Rising Starz is becoming and how dreams come true.   They are sometimes just different than we originally thought they would be.  Thank you to all who have been apart of our journey, who have believed in me and encouraged me.  You are why Rising Starz is what it is today.


Gross Family | Rising Starz Gymnastics & Fitness | Grand Rapids, MI

Derik and Sarah Gross and their four children.  Claire, Blake, Audrey and Owen.