COVID-19 Gym Updates

Update: August 25th

We are gearing up for our Fall classes at Rising Starz!  We are going to continue to operate with smaller class sizes and protocol in place as we begin our school year classes.  We are still holding off on bringing back our open gyms and birthday parties.  Please stay tuned for when those will return!  

If you are wondering what steps we are taking to keep our families and staff as safe as possible during this time, please click the links below.  We have spread our class schedule out and have limited the amount of students in the gym to help promote the most social distancing as possible.  We are also providing access to view class from your phone or tablet, while you sit in your car or outside if you choose.  Just check with the front desk each week to gain access.  We have also added hand sanitizing stations throughout the gym and will be having the kids sanitize between events, as well as lots of extra cleaning by our awesome staff! 


We have followed state and CDC guidelines as we have prepared for our opening and will continue to monitor best practices moving forward.  It is important for families to consider and understand that even with lots of effort put forth to keep everyone as safe as possible, there is still risk to exposure.  We have added a Covid waiver and understanding to your online account policy agreements.   When you log into your account, you will be asked to accept the changes. If you want to review our waiver at anytime, you can do so by logging into your parent portal and click family policies.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  We are so excited to be back in the gym with your kids! Thank you for your support!

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